Buhl Planetarium and Digital Media Manager at Carnegie Science Center Mike Hennessy guest-hosts with some spectacular special guests including a real life astronaut!

Jonathan Volk

Commercial Innovation Manager

CASIS: Center for the Advancement of Science in Space


Anthony Vareha

Flight Director, International Space Station 

NASA Mission Control


Jennifer Buchli

Acting Deputy Chief Scientist, International Space Station

NASA ISS Program Science Office

Edward Michael Fincke

Colonel, United States Air Force

Science Officer and Flight Engineer, ISS Expedition 9

Commander, ISS Expedition 18

Mission Specialist, STS-134 Space Shuttle Endeavour

As always, send science questions to or record a question at 412-237-3327 and your question might end up on the next episode.

Hosted by Charissa Sedor and Ralph Crewe

Original Music by Kyle Simpson and Al Snyder

A Carnegie Science  Center Podcast  

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